Paintings & Quilts

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Paintings & Quilts

Ella Gardner’s paintings — and quilts! — are featured in a new post at Ann Quilts, the popular blog by the professional quilt artist, restorer and author Ann Wasserman (thanks, Ann!). Some excerpts are below:

My friend’s grandmother Ella Gardner was a prolific painter. And she also made quilts. She painted lovely scenes of rural Wisconsin life, her Amish neighbors, and my favorites of course, quilters doing what we do best – making and loving our quilts.

The Comforter

“The Comforter”, watercolor, 16″ x 12″

Ella’s “making up for lost time” resulted in a portfolio of 700-some paintings, made between 1964 and 2007. 700 paintings! She exhibited many one-woman shows including one in the Governor’s Office in Madison, WI, in 1983.

I think both her subject matter and her spirit can interest and inspire quilters to “have fun and make things,” as they say.


Lone Star Variation quilt, circa 1945

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