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Ella Gardner Originals



Steenbock Gallery, Wisconsin Academy of Science, Arts and Letters

1922 University Avenue, Madison, Wisconsin
Open for viewing during business hours until March 12 April 23, 2016
Reception: February 27, 12:00 – 2:00 pm
Featuring the Amish Series and other paintings from the Rural Series.

WRAP Exhibit Announcement

Download Exhibition Flyer (PDF below) Flyer_01_print3

Quilting Party

Quilting Party

Farm Auction

Farm Auction

The Art of Rural Wisconsin

The works of artist Ella Gardner explore rural culture, family life, nature, and the timeless Amish world. Her paintings were widely exhibited in Wisconsin during her lifetime, and she was a long-time member of the Wisconsin Regional Arts Association.

The Ella Gardner Award

The Ella Gardner Award was established by the Gardner family as part of the Wisconsin Regional Arts Program in 2008 and is an honor given to exceptional work at the annual Statewide Exhibit.